On the Easel

Welcome to my On the Easel page. Here you can follow the pet portraits I am working on. Of course not everyone wishes to have their portrait uploaded to this page as they may not want the recipient to stumble across it. I will always ask when I start your pet portrait if this is this case.


9th November 2017

To gather photographic reference for Max’s painting, I met him and his owner in the local park on a crisp clear Spring morning. Max had a lovely temperament and was a joy to photograph. He assumed the pose that you see set against a border of shrubs but as it… Read more


19th October 2017

Cisco was a real handful to photograph as she is such a lively dog. When deciding on the composition of the portrait I deliberately cropped her portrait, and painted her larger than life. This layout painted onto a square canvas with a white background gives the painting a more contemporary… Read more